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We are experienced managers of public personalities and work mostly with EDM / hard dance DJs.  Our job is to get them to the right place at the right time whist helping manage dialogue with their followers on social media.  For example, you may see messages from Kilker & Co on the blog - that's us but the content is often from Kilker; not even the most advanced country in the world as free wi-fi everywhere.

With platforms such as Facebook, you might be wondering why the new site?  There are a few reasons.   As popular as Facebook is, there are those who refuse to use it and prefer, say Twitter for example.  And what's popular today could be out of vogue by tomorrow, social media channels come and go (who remembers my.space, or Bebo, or even AOL messenger for example) and each has differing capabilities.  We will still use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr as we have been doing but the full picture will always be available here.     

If you would like to use an image, make a note of the photographer and the three digit reference that accompanies each one.   CLICK HERE to tell us what you have in mind and use the comments field to tell us which image is of interest.  We'll then get back to you and let you know what we can do for you.    

This website is work in progress and will continually be updated.  Despite rigorous testing there are probably some things that are not quite right - if you spot something that looks wrong or doesn't work please CLICK HERE to let us know.  We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions too; the CONTACT form is the easiest and quickest way of getting in touch.  We are currently taking bookings for Kilker up to the end of 2017, there is limited availability so the sooner we know of your plans the better we can accommodate your request.

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Kilker and Co.

The legal stuff:-

Information and links provided within this site are done so in good faith but without any liability.  If you spot something which you feel should be brought to our attention then please CONTACT US

The mention of any name or person within the site should not have an assumed sexual orientation or political views. 

It really is better to contact us first before using our intellectual property.  Most images are free to use with permission. For exclusive use images there is a fee to pay,  Please CONTACT US for more information.  Images are the copyright of the photographer and may only be used with permission from us.  In some circumstances there may be a small fee payable and all images must be accompanied by

© [Photographers Name / www.kilker.eu]

Where failure to obtain permission occurs we will claim for non-payment for the use copyrighted materials, plus a handling fee of £500, plus expenses in recovery of the outstanding debt.  In some cases we will also claim 25% of profits from the sale of the product, event or service from the date our images were first used.  Our images must never be used to promote illegal activity, activity that is likely to cause suffering to human beings or for political persuasion or gain.

Your cooperation is appreciated.