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Election of 2018 Mr Rubber Spain / Barcelona Rubber Weekend
Review of last years event (Friday 24th to Sunday 26th November 2017)

Barcelona Rubber Weekend is an event happening during autumn/winter every year in the beautiful city of Barcelona. It’s also home to their very own rubber contest “Mr Rubber Spain”. It’s a relatively new event aimed to all kind of people that love any kind of fetish, not just rubber. And a great excuse to meet new people.

The main advantage of hosting the event during November/December time in Barcelona is the weather. It’s the perfect temperature for any kind of fetish. Not only that: it’s low touristic season in the city which means accommodation and flights can be found at a very reasonable prices. Last event happened in November, and I was lucky enough to be asked to host it, together with the wonderful “La Steah”.

The event kicked off with social drinks Friday afternoon at Versalles bar. A great start so everyone could start chatting to each other and build a great ambiance that would last the entire weekend. Friday night, we all moved to Berlin Dark to celebrate Gummi’s 25th anniversary (congratulations guys!!), which offered a more sleazy atmosphere, for those of you who love to get down and dirty (guilty!). By then, my energy levels were low so we did come back home by 3am, not before offering our pervert taxi driver a full on display of sleazy rubber and waders (I bet he had a wank after that ride).

Saturday kicked off in the afternoon. Some of the guys had a visit to the old quarter of Barcelona early afternoon but I didn’t have the energy. Bit later, some of us took the chance to shock locals on the metro and in my favourite landmark, Sagrada Familia, on the way to Boxer fetish shop. The guys at Boxer organise a cocktail party on Saturday too at their shop. So everyone can enjoy a drink or two surrounded by amazing gear and lure the undecided and shy to try some on (coz, why not?). I did a Facebook live video to showcase what happens down there.After getting a little bit tipsy, it was time for the contest. So we all headed to “Open Mind” to choose the next Mr Rubber Spain 2018. This time, the winner was Jorge Doal: a very well known Portuguese lad living in Barcelona who’ll be flying the sash and representing Barcelona Rubbermen all around the world. Congrats Jorge!

Then, everything got blurry at open mind. I can’t say much of what happened but all I can remember is lots of different play spaces, dark rooms and few sexy men in their favourite gear driving my testosterone levels way too high. Hey, we all love sexy men in gear after all ;-)

Sunday continued with a fetish brunch. Unfortunately, I had to work. But judging for the thread and pics on my whatsapp, more fun was had. It’s great to see people finishing the weekend with new acquaintances, though. I will definitely ask for the whole weekend off next time so I don’t miss the brunch.

As you can see, the rubber weekend is a simple, yet fun event. One social and one sleazy event a day to cater everyone in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So if you love a fetish event free from attitude, meeting new people, sightseeing an incredibly beautiful city in your gear in broad daylight, or getting dirty and sleazy in the convenience of some pervy play spaces (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone), this event is for you. Come down to Barcelona the next 29th of November to 2nd of December, as this year, there will be more days, more events and few surprises for everyone. You will not regret it!